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Are you tired of not getting everything you want from your business?

Concerned that your team does not see your vision for the company?

Frustrated that your team does not consistently achieve their goals?

Wondering why your team does not work well together?

Get what you want – Build a team that has Vison, Traction, and is Healthy


complete team alignment with everyone on the leadership team seeing your vision – EOS Vision

Perfect Clarity - Everyone on the same page seeing your vision for the company with a plan how to get there.


instilling discipline and accountability so everyone in the company is working to achieve their goals and objectives  – EOS Traction

Real Accountability - Everyone working together to achieve the goals that make your vision a reality.


open and honest executive team that works for the greater good of the company with no ego or politics – EOS Healthy

Open & Honest - Results focused, cohesive team that share the same values and work well together.

How to get VTH

make the call, why wait to work on your business and achieve your goals with EOS

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implement EOS using a proven process that has achieved success for thousands of companies use an EOS implementer

Implement a proven action plan

achieve the success you desire and see how to live the life you want by leveraging EOS

Propel your organization forward to get everything you want from your business

James Bygland, EOS Implementer, Oklahoma - EOSI

I’ve been there.

Too many decisions. Trying to build a team that delivers regardless of what the economy is doing. Money and time are in short supply, but you still must achieve your goals. Too much is riding on your success.

I’ve built high-performing teams throughout my career. It’s my passion. Teams that perform in all economic environments. Tackling issues timely and finding permanent solutions. Working together for the greater good of the company. Teams that accomplish the company’s vision by consistently achieving their goals.

I can help you build a team to deliver the level of success you deserve.

"I worked with James at an Oil & Gas company for a year. He was the COO and instrumental in setting up and executing the EOS methodology. He did an outstanding job working with the executive team and getting EOS integrated throughout the organization. I highly recommend him."
Andy Miller, CEO, Big Swift Kick
"James is a consummate professional with a help-first mentality. James recently presented to my company and his knowledge and expertise in the EOS system helped more clearly align some of our strategic initiatives. I have no doubt that any organization, especially organizations frustrated with their current rate of growth or ability to achieve their vision, would greatly benefit from spending some time with James. James is not a typical consultant, he provided us with information during the initial visit that we could leverage to improve our company without any further commitment or cost. It will not take very long for you to realize how much he has to offer."
Dennis Hogle, CEO & General Manager, Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma, L.L.C.

Your business is unique.

But all business have the same 6 foundational levers.

  • All organizations at the core have the same Six Key Components™ that drive their business.
  • Strengthening the Six Key Components builds a solid VTH foundation to run a successful business.
  • The Six Key Components make up the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®).
  • With EOS, you will:
    • Simplify the way you manage your business.
    • Get an absolute pulse on how the business is performing.
    • Build a team that will achieve your goals.

Over 80,000 organizations around the world have implemented EOS and found their businesses easier to manage while continuing to grow.

Get everything you want from your business.

the six key components that drive any business – EOS Model

About 50% of new businesses fail in the first 5 years. 66% in the first 10 years.

In a Forbes article from July 2019, there are 11 common reasons businesses fail:

  1. Not having enough money
  2. Not knowing their market
  3. Lack of vision
  4. Biting off more than they can chew
  5. Trying to be everything to everybody
  1. Not enough marketing
  2. Poor planning
  3. Not accepting constructive criticism
  4. Not delegating
  5. Lack of soft skills
  6. Burnout
66% of businesses fail within 10 years
navigate success, overcome reasons business fail  with EOS

You’ve worked too hard to be a statistic!

Find out how EOS has helped thousands of companies navigate these issues and thrive.

Our services are fully guaranteed.
There are no contracts and you only pay if it adds value.

You are not alone – EOS in action

EOS Decide how to make Good Decision Making

Discover the 10 Commandments of Good Decision Making.

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